Iron Powder


Iron powder is produces in different grades for a variety kind of uses in industrial.

With millions of tons shipped and used worldwide, Iron powder is the most important raw material in any metal-related fabrication process. But this unassuming, grey powder is more than just scraps of ground up metal – it has been run through a highly sophisticated engineering process to meet even the highest demands and fulfil the strict specifications of our customers.

Thanks to an array of available manufacturing processes, Iron Powder can take on an immense variety of chemical and physical properties. With such a high number of possible characteristics, our powders can be considered a very personalized product, specifically created to match our customers’ requirements.

Iron Powders are usually defined by their attributes, which include the composition, microstructure, the oxide content and acid solubility. Other important factors are the particle size, particle size distribution (sieve analysis), particle shape and surface area as well as the flow rate and the apparent density.

Due to this long list of different properties, each powder has to be meticulously tailored to the intended application. Apart from providing the right attributes, metal powders are usually available in different quality grades as well.

The possible use cases for our Iron Powders are just as varied: from sintering and soft magnetic components to brazing, iron fortification and friction products to printing, surface coating, welding and chemical- as well as polymer filtrations.

We provide Iron Powders of the highest available purity classes, further divided by factors such as the production method, the grain size and density.

This can prove to be quite an overwhelming selection of different materials. But as metallurgist experts, we are more than happy to help you find the right powder to suit your particular needs. Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions regarding product composition or the ideal makeup for your application.


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